Environmental laws at the federal, state and local levels are pervasive. Manufacturers, developers, lenders, individuals, investors, indeed, businesses of every size regularly encounter environmental issues. Some are obvious; others are more subtle. The value added by the Law Offices of Carey S. Rosemarin, P.C. lies in the firm’s unique ability to minimize costs in dealing with unforeseen environmental problems (such as when an unexpected government inspection discloses potential regulatory violations) and in helping businesses navigate the vast array of environmental restrictions that may affect a new plant or business venture.

Assisting Businesses

Your business may be a corporation, partnership or LLC. And, you may conduct your business from a single office or operate numerous facilities in multiple states. Whatever your business structure is, a lawsuit, notice of violation, or claim by a citizen’s group can consume an outsized share of emotional and financial resources. The Law Offices of Carey S. Rosemarin, P.C. has the necessary experience to guide your business through the perils of these disruptions and get you back on course. The firm regularly appears in state and federal courts and before state, federal and local environmental regulatory agencies (e.g., U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Federal Aviation Administration, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Illinois Pollution Control Board, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, and others) to resolve alleged infractions of environmental laws.

And, if you’re planning to construct a new plant, add pollution control equipment, or renew your air emission or water discharge permit, we can also help. For example, working with environmental engineers, geologists and other technical associates, we have helped clients obtain “NFR Letters,” (documents from government agencies acknowledging that no further remediation is necessary on the real estate at issue), modify permits, helped businesses attain status as “bona fide prospective purchasers” and analyzed the possible effects of new regulations. We recognize that reducing uncertainty is crucial in an ever-changing business climate.

Assisting Public Bodies

Municipalities, transportation agencies, sewer districts and numerous other public bodies may be subject to environmental restrictions in the same sense as private businesses. For example, they may operate public drinking water systems, underground storage tank (“UST”) systems to fuel their fleets of vehicles, or they may own contaminated property that is subject to a cleanup order. The Law Offices of Carey S. Rosemarin, P.C. is keenly aware that the objectives of public bodies may differ markedly from their counterparts in the private sector. At the same time, they also share common objectives of regulatory compliance. The firm has represented public bodies in successfully resolving such legal issues.

Assisting Other Law Firms

The Law Offices of Carey S. Rosemarin, P.C. often assists other lawyers and law firms. Such firms may concentrate their practices in areas other than environmental law, and recognize the need for assistance in an area with which they’re less familiar. Some may have conflicts that prevent them from representing clients in certain situations. Such firms find that referring their clients to the Law Offices of Carey S. Rosemarin, P.C., or associating with the firm as co-counsel gives them confidence; they get the experience and sophistication of a large downtown law firm, and the favorable rate structure of a boutique suburban firm.

Assisting You with Environmental Concerns

When you need assistance with an environmental law matter, you need an experienced attorney to guide you throughout the process and devote full attention to resolving your problem favorably. We invite you to call Carey personally to help you aggressively pursue the best possible result.