Region 5 is the most active of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ten regions. Indeed, that’s why Carey came to Chicago in 1980 – as a young lawyer who set his sights on the burgeoning area of environmental law, he recognized there would be no better place to establish a solid professional foundation. Region 5 covers Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota – the Great Lakes states. As different as those states may be, they comprise the heart of the industrial Midwest, and Carey has handled cases, administrative matters, and transactions in all of them.

Federal environmental cases in each of the six Region 5 states are handled by U.S.EPA Region 5 Headquarters in Chicago. Carey is familiar with the bureaucracy and recognizes the effect it can have on the substance of a case, especially one that is being prosecuted administratively. For example, having been part of, and dealing with Region 5, and Illinois EPA for decades, he devises his course of action based on what he has learned will and will not work. That results in more efficient and effective representation because the firm will not pursue positions that experience demonstrates are unlikely to succeed.

Of course, U.S.EPA and Illinois EPA are not the only relevant environmental agencies. For instance, the Illinois Pollution Control Board, which is both a legislative and adjudicative body is very active. Carey has litigated cases before the Board and has testified in its rulemakings. He has also dealt with the environmental agencies of the other Region 5 states. Corporations based in Chicago rely on Carey to represent them in matters both in Illinois and throughout the Midwest.