The Law Offices of Carey S. Rosemarin, P.C., regularly assists other lawyers, both in law firms and in corporate law departments. The environmental law discipline is highly complex and specialized. Law firms which concentrate their practices in other areas often recognize the need for assistance in an area of law with which they are not familiar, and in dealing with a byzantine bureaucracy that may seem unreceptive. Others may have conflicts that prevent them from representing clients in certain situations.

As many have discovered, the Law Offices of Carey S. Rosemarin, P.C., a boutique firm with suburban rates, is an attractive alternative to large downtown law firms. The firm has the flexibility to either accept a referral or to join the pre-existing legal team as environmental co-counsel. In either event, attorneys gain the confidence of knowing that their relationship with the client will be respected, and in knowing their client’s matter is being handled by an experienced attorney with sophisticated knowledge of the area.

In-house corporate counsel have relied on the Law Offices of Carey S. Rosemarin, P.C., for similar reasons. Even if they have environmental lawyers on their staffs, they may be located in corporate headquarters far from Chicago. They confidently rely on the firm to deal with U.S.EPA and/or IEPA. Others may be local, but retain the firm for special projects such as overseeing a group of related matters, or litigation dealing with particular facilities. Particularly in the Superfund area, a corporation may have a number of cases which may not be especially active, but which nonetheless must be monitored. The firm’s favorable fee structure allows these functions to be fulfilled at relatively low cost.

If you are an attorney with a need for environmental counsel – or you’d simply like to “kick around” some environmental issues, we invite you to call to speak with Carey directly.